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Some Notes On DEATH NOTE
boys are so stupid...
happy new year!

My resolution for this year is to... actually write this blog, lol. Definitely got pulled under by end-of-the-year frenzies, so i've been slacking. I still need to post the pictures from color tour and the Marriage Equality rally (talk about being behind!) from November.

Soooooooooo... today i'd like to talk a bit about Death Note. Apparently a fairly popular anime, i will admit i've avoided it because of the annoying fan-boys. I did look up the premise a little while back, and was interested enough to check it out.

The basic idea is when a shinigami (god of death) drops their notebook (titular Death Note) on earth, a human who picks it up can use it; if you write someone's name it in, they die.
The main character who finds it goes a bit haywire and decides to eradicate criminals and create a new world.

The fun part of the story is the cat-and-mouse interaction of this character, Light Yagami, and another character known as "L." L is the "greatest detective in the world," and he's also a bit of a freak.


L is hands down my favorite anime character of all time. Vash and Spike have nothiing on him. The exchange between him and Misa in episode 20 basically sums up all i love about this character:

Misa: "I would never dream about living in a world without Light!"
L: "Yes, that would be dark."

On the other hand, Light Yagami is, quite possibly, the biggest asshole ever to appear in animation. I don't think i have ever watched any other character's death with such satisfaction. (sorry for the spoiler there, well... it's a tiny one)

"Hi, i'm an asshole"

Of the other characters: Misa Amane is just plain annoying. People that stupid should be slapped repeatedly.

Ryuk was just creepy. I guess one would expect that of a shinigami, but it kind of hurt to look at his face for a while. The other shinigami were... "interesting"-looking as well.

What do you get when you cross Rodney Dangerfield
and Jack Nicholson's 'Joker'? Ryuk!

Mello was either a raging closet homosexual, or just got his hair cut at Boric's... i can't tell which. Near was pretty cool, but still no substitute for L.

Best part of this series: for me, unquestionably, the character of L.
Worst part: the music for the second half of the series... ummmm, Japanese death-metal is, quite possibly, the most annoying thing i have ever heard. If the Death Note were real, i'd be compelled to write the names of whoever performed that opening song in it -- it that was terrible.

At 37 episodes, it's somewhat longer than the anime i'm used to (most anime on TV have a 24-26 episode season, and many go for only 12 to 13 episodes). For those people not wanting to invest that much time in a story, or just plain not interested in anime, there are two live action movies that tell the story, with some plot changes. It's also been optioned out to Hollywood, with Vertigo Entertainment currently set to produce the American remake.

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my anime obsessed daughters love death note. LOVE. We were on a death note shopping spree at FYE on Tuesday.

ahhhhh scary!! lol.

just don't let them have fake notebooks; i hear kids have gotten suspended and even kicked out of school districts all together for that >_

oh, I didn't even think about that. I'll keep my eye out. Right now they have little notebooks filled with chibi's everywhere.

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