boys are so stupid...


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Can't Sleep, Watching TV
boys are so stupid...
I find it incredibly insulting that pat buchannan, when asked about what would happen if gay marriage was legalized, had the nerve to suggest that same-sex relationships were amoral.

According to him... it's "natural" for straight people to marry; to divorce; to engage in SERIAL marriage. So i guess it's "natural" for people to cheat on each other T_T but it's somehow "unnatural" for two people who have loved each other for years to want the same rights as straight couples who -- let's look at the bottom line here -- have the right to get married and dispose of those relationships like changing their damn underwear.

For people who cry "defense of marriage"... OK, start defending it then: do something about the ridiculous rate of divorce amongst straights.

How do people not see these things? Ugh.

In other ridiculous news: Texas and Alaska are both talking about succession.... LOL. Awesome.

Things are getting weird these days..........


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