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LJ, so weird!
boys are so stupid...
i remember when i used to post almost daily here. and can't believe how long it's been since i did.

i have three mostly abandoned blogs on wordpress. i think i might have had one on blogger too. i just... kind of stopped writing around the time Nik and i broke up. that, and i joined facebook and got active there. it kind of took over what LJ had been for me, i guess.

lol i miss my icons though XD

Things We Got Right, Things We Got Wrong
boys are so stupid...
I'm not likely to be getting back to sleep at this point... but this journal needs to be updated in any case, so... here we go!

1) I want Starbucks.
2) Mmmm, bagels.
3) People sure don't understand diplomacy these days. Well... 8 yrs of Bush, lol, no wonder.

Ok, so. This was a bad thing, but a good thing. Kinda.
It's NOT good that this was leaked, because it does compromise the integrity of the Red Cross, and affects their ability to be able to do their jobs. But, I think it's good that people know what happened.

Unfortunately, the people who need to read this the most (i.e., the kind of people who made fun of Gitmo concerns by saying, "Oh, their rights were violated... how? Because they only had basic cable??") (yes, i have heard people say this, including my die-hard conservative father), are the ones who will most likely refuse to read it and chalk it up to "propaganda." ... just... ugh.

May i present, ladies and gentlemen... ta-da! The leaked Red Cross Torture report.

(so what do you think waterboarding is... here is a segment showing a waterboarding demonstration on a former Navy SEAL, with commentary by a former Navy instructor)

This report, coming out before the newly released Bush-era intelligence memos on torture, take the edge off the impact of that release if you've read them. Especially given Obama's handling of this... but more on that below.

Intermission: sports fans... John Madden has retired. But i imagine anyone with the slightest interest in sports has already heard about this, lol.

The very, very, very bad... Obama's defense of Bush policies.
I guess 'first minority president' does not equal 'biggest defender of civil liberties.'

The long and short of this is: Bushies illegally wire-tapped Americans. Lawsuit filed. Obama Justice Department... is trying to have the case dismissed. AND is actually pushing the boundaries further than Bush's did, in regards to excusing the government of respecting people's rights...

On April 3, the Holder Justice Department filed arguments in Jewel v. National Security Agency, a lawsuit being waged by the Electronic Frontier Foundation on behalf of five people who claim that their constitutional rights were abridged when they were subjected to the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.
But on Friday, that new department sought to have the case dismissed by relying, in part, on a broad reading of a legal principle oft invoked by the Bush department, that the federal government could essentially stop legal proceedings by claiming that any litigation of the case would reveal state secrets.

the article goes on to say:

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald almost certainly deserves sole credit for advancing the story thus far, and, it should be said, for pointing out that in addition to the states secrets claim, the Obama administration advanced what he and the EFF’s lawyer in the case see as a totally novel claim. In Greenwald’s words:

…the Obama DOJ has now invented a brand new claim of government immunity, one which literally asserts that the U.S. Government is free to intercept all of your communications (calls, emails and the like) and — even if what they’re doing is blatantly illegal and they know it’s illegal — you are barred from suing them unless they “willfully disclose” to the public what they have learned.

I don't make any secret of the fact that I was a card carrying member of the ACLU (and would still be if I had the extra money for the membership, lol). Hell, I was a libertarian back in college. For me, this is the biggest let-down -- almost bordering on betrayal -- perpetrated by the new administration.

Mr. President... you are wrong, wrong, wrong. That you can speak eloquently, that you are African-American, that you are just plain not-Bush -- that doesn't make you right. You are dead wrong on this one, very wrong, and this is not what I, and many other citizens, voted for.

A complete and total let down.

Meh. Some levity, to make me less pissy:

Can't Sleep, Watching TV
boys are so stupid...
I find it incredibly insulting that pat buchannan, when asked about what would happen if gay marriage was legalized, had the nerve to suggest that same-sex relationships were amoral.

According to him... it's "natural" for straight people to marry; to divorce; to engage in SERIAL marriage. So i guess it's "natural" for people to cheat on each other T_T but it's somehow "unnatural" for two people who have loved each other for years to want the same rights as straight couples who -- let's look at the bottom line here -- have the right to get married and dispose of those relationships like changing their damn underwear.

For people who cry "defense of marriage"... OK, start defending it then: do something about the ridiculous rate of divorce amongst straights.

How do people not see these things? Ugh.

In other ridiculous news: Texas and Alaska are both talking about succession.... LOL. Awesome.

Things are getting weird these days..........

By Request!
boys are so stupid...
New Echo, showing us "So Hot"

One More Thing...
boys are so stupid...
This is the hottest damn thing i've ever seen:

boys are so stupid...

i look pretty ridiculous when i do this... heh.

some things: we have successfully relocated to ferndizzy. it's raining. the guy who fills in for keith obermann REEEALLY annoys me.

oooo, lightning.

Eventually, I will make a habit out of this.
boys are so stupid...
So here i am again. I have pictures for three full posts, dating back to last fall LOL, with some really beautiful color tour pictures of the turning leaves. I'll have to get off my ass and post them at some point -- should be much easier now, because I HAVE ESCAPED!! FREEDOM!! (gaming hell)

For now, i'll continue this blog here, as wordpress continues to confound and confuse me. I"m still hoping for somewhere less... closed off than LJ; honestly LJ just pisses me off sometimes. I can tamp that down a bit by ignoring all the notices they send out about how they're fucking up the company, ha ha.

For the next couple of weeks, though, i'll continue to be sporadic and mostly non-present, as we have a relocation effort in progress. Which is too bad, because all the turmoil going on these days has me soaking up moderation, lol. I even agreed with some republicans today, well... you know THAT'S never a good sign!!

Anyway, anyway... lots to talk about. But i'm sleepy, lol, and i want to read my "evil Dick Cheney" book a bit. I'll leave you with this one last sentiment, as i have basically been shaking my head over this all day...

Chris Dodd = *facepalm*

buenos noches!

Oh, Detroit. You live up to your reputation!
boys are so stupid...
Hmmm hmmm hmmm. An example to you all of how my beloved city has earned it's reputation.

Frozen in indifference: Life goes on around body found in vacant Detroit warehouse

Charlie LeDuff / The Detroit News

DETROIT -- This city has not always been a gentle place, but a series of events over the past few, frigid days causes one to wonder how cold the collective heart has grown.

It starts with a phone call made by a man who said his friend found a dead body in the elevator shaft of an abandoned building on the city's west side.

"He's encased in ice, except his legs, which are sticking out like Popsicle sticks," the caller phoned to tell this reporter.

"Why didn't your friend call the police?"

"He was trespassing and didn't want to get in trouble," the caller replied.


A colony of homeless men live in the warehouse. Wednesday morning a few fires were burning inside oil drums. Scott Ruben, 38, huddled under filthy blankets not 20 paces from the elevator shaft.

"Yeah, I seen him," Ruben said. The snow outside howled. The heat from the can warped the landscape of rotting buildings and razor wire.

Did he know who the dead person was?

"I don't recognize him from his shoes."

Did he call the police?

"No, I figured someone else did," he said.

"There's lots of people coming through here with cameras and cell phones. I don't got no phone. I don't got no quarter. Things is tight around here."

His shack mate, Kenneth Williams, 47, returned at that point with an armload of wood.

"Yeah, he's been down there since last month at least."

He was asked if he called the police.

"No, I thought it was a dummy myself," he said unconvincingly. Besides, Williams said, there were more pressing issues like keeping warm and finding something to eat.

"You got a couple bucks?" he asked.


Contacts with authorities

When reporter Charlie LeDuff got a call about a body lying frozen in an abandoned building, he told police officers, who referred him to 911.

About 5 p.m.: Reporter calls 911 and describes the body's whereabouts.
20 minutes later: Operator calls back asking for more specific directions.
4:43 p.m.: Reporter calls 911, waits and is disconnected.
4:46 p.m.: Calls again and explains that he called yesterday but body is still there.
4:55 p.m.: Fire Department calls back for specific directions and reporter offers to meet at the site.
5 p.m.: Fire Department arrives and the homicide department is called; recovery begins.

Just... wow. Lol. Please read the full article here.

oh, and pictures.

What the Hell is this world coming to????
boys are so stupid...
The new Pepsi logo is just scary. And kinda ugly.

Here's the comparison:

Scary. Sierra Mist got a facelift, too. It went from this:

To this:

ONE of these two logos looks like a scene in night-vision from a stalker-horror flick. I'll let you guess which one.

Apparently, Mountain Dew wasn't spared either, although this may not be the final image; however, let it be known that PepsiCo. has, in fact, registered "mtn dew" as a trademark.

Oh Pepsi. You are so teh phail.

Some Notes On DEATH NOTE
boys are so stupid...
happy new year!

My resolution for this year is to... actually write this blog, lol. Definitely got pulled under by end-of-the-year frenzies, so i've been slacking. I still need to post the pictures from color tour and the Marriage Equality rally (talk about being behind!) from November.

Soooooooooo... today i'd like to talk a bit about Death Note. Apparently a fairly popular anime, i will admit i've avoided it because of the annoying fan-boys. I did look up the premise a little while back, and was interested enough to check it out.

The basic idea is when a shinigami (god of death) drops their notebook (titular Death Note) on earth, a human who picks it up can use it; if you write someone's name it in, they die.
The main character who finds it goes a bit haywire and decides to eradicate criminals and create a new world.

The fun part of the story is the cat-and-mouse interaction of this character, Light Yagami, and another character known as "L." L is the "greatest detective in the world," and he's also a bit of a freak.


L is hands down my favorite anime character of all time. Vash and Spike have nothiing on him. The exchange between him and Misa in episode 20 basically sums up all i love about this character:

Misa: "I would never dream about living in a world without Light!"
L: "Yes, that would be dark."

On the other hand, Light Yagami is, quite possibly, the biggest asshole ever to appear in animation. I don't think i have ever watched any other character's death with such satisfaction. (sorry for the spoiler there, well... it's a tiny one)

"Hi, i'm an asshole"

Of the other characters: Misa Amane is just plain annoying. People that stupid should be slapped repeatedly.

Ryuk was just creepy. I guess one would expect that of a shinigami, but it kind of hurt to look at his face for a while. The other shinigami were... "interesting"-looking as well.

What do you get when you cross Rodney Dangerfield
and Jack Nicholson's 'Joker'? Ryuk!

Mello was either a raging closet homosexual, or just got his hair cut at Boric's... i can't tell which. Near was pretty cool, but still no substitute for L.

Best part of this series: for me, unquestionably, the character of L.
Worst part: the music for the second half of the series... ummmm, Japanese death-metal is, quite possibly, the most annoying thing i have ever heard. If the Death Note were real, i'd be compelled to write the names of whoever performed that opening song in it -- it that was terrible.

At 37 episodes, it's somewhat longer than the anime i'm used to (most anime on TV have a 24-26 episode season, and many go for only 12 to 13 episodes). For those people not wanting to invest that much time in a story, or just plain not interested in anime, there are two live action movies that tell the story, with some plot changes. It's also been optioned out to Hollywood, with Vertigo Entertainment currently set to produce the American remake.


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