boys are so stupid...


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Eventually, I will make a habit out of this.
boys are so stupid...
So here i am again. I have pictures for three full posts, dating back to last fall LOL, with some really beautiful color tour pictures of the turning leaves. I'll have to get off my ass and post them at some point -- should be much easier now, because I HAVE ESCAPED!! FREEDOM!! (gaming hell)

For now, i'll continue this blog here, as wordpress continues to confound and confuse me. I"m still hoping for somewhere less... closed off than LJ; honestly LJ just pisses me off sometimes. I can tamp that down a bit by ignoring all the notices they send out about how they're fucking up the company, ha ha.

For the next couple of weeks, though, i'll continue to be sporadic and mostly non-present, as we have a relocation effort in progress. Which is too bad, because all the turmoil going on these days has me soaking up moderation, lol. I even agreed with some republicans today, well... you know THAT'S never a good sign!!

Anyway, anyway... lots to talk about. But i'm sleepy, lol, and i want to read my "evil Dick Cheney" book a bit. I'll leave you with this one last sentiment, as i have basically been shaking my head over this all day...

Chris Dodd = *facepalm*

buenos noches!


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